Aerospace Alloys, Inc. demonstrates our wide range of expertise across machining processes and materials, and in holding tight tolerances. Working with both aluminum material and nickel-based alloys, we carry out the entire manufacturing process of this heat exchanger’s parts. We put our EDM services to use in cutting aluminum bar and finned coil, and our abrasive waterjet cutting capability is used to cut the top frame shown in this image. A milling process is also applied to machine the frame to its finished size.

Since the units can be as large as several feet tall, to as small as a few inches, tight tolerance is of great importance. Every item manufactured for this unit is manufactured to within ± .001″ tolerance, ensuring proper operation and safety. Once all components are manufactured, we deliver them to our client for assembly within the unit. We are pleased to offer this service worldwide, with both national and international shipping options.

Heat Exchanger Project Highlights

Tightest Tolerance
Material Thickness
Varies - Components within the exchanger are aluminum bar and coil and plate.
Base Material
Aluminum, Nickel Base Alloys, Titanium and 347 Stainless Steel
Special Feature
We provide the interior guts of this heat exchanger which include aluminum bar, finned coil which has been cut using our EDM services, as well as the top frame shown in this image which has been waterjet cut as well as milled to finish size in our facility. These units can vary in height from a few inches to over 8 foot high units which makes tight tolerances a must. All of the items we provide in these units are +/-.001 within tolerance.
Industry for Use
HVAC in Aircraft
Delivery Location
Drawing Type Accepted
.dwg and .dxf