Making use of our abrasive waterjet cutting services and our milling expertise, Aerospace Alloys, Inc. manufactures custom gas turbine and heat exchanger frames, designed for power generation and HVAC systems in an aircraft. We manufacture our turbine and heat exchanger frames from a choice of materials: Alloy-X, C263, and Alloy 625, and can work with material between 7/8″ and 2″ thick. Once we acquire the base material, we use abrasive waterjet cutting for blanks, and then a milling machining process to achieve the finished part.

Depending upon customer specifications, we can manufacture turbine frames and heat exchanger frames in dimensions up to 28″ x 16″, with a finished weight typically between 20 and 50 lbs. We are able to achieve a finished surface roughness as smooth as RMS 32, and can produce prototypes prior to production runs in order to inspect the integrity of the piece. We serve aerospace industry customers nationally, with delivery times from 6 – 8 weeks.

Gas Turbine & Heat Exchanger Frames Project Highlights

Product Name
Heat Exchanger Frames
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Acquired material, cut blanks with waterjet, milled to print, heat treated and coated.
Tightest Tolerance
Material Thickness
From 7/8" - 2" thick
Product Length
Longest 28"
Product Width
Widest 16"
Product Height
7/8-2" thick
Product Weight
Aprox: 20-50 lbs
Surface Roughness
RMS 32
Cutting Method
Abrasive waterjet cutting and vertical milling.
Base Material
Alloy-X, C263 and Alloy 625
Industry for Use
Land Based Power Generation and HVAC in aircraft.
Prototype to production quantities
Delivery Time
6-8 weeks
Delivery Location
Drawing Type Accepted
.dwg and .dxf