Cursor, LLC

As a small, woman and minority owned business specialized in the Department of Defense and Navy acquisition regulations we saw the value that Cursor could provide. In 2007, Michelle Allinson, one of the owners of Aerospace Alloys, Inc., was presented with the opportunity of acquiring Cursor Industries and proceeded with the acquisition. They specialize in corrosion resistant alloys used in the Naval. Marine operations with the Department of Defense. They are a Level1 Subsafe Supplier (submarine) and they are also a QSLD (Qualified supplier for the Department of Defense.)

Techni Waterjet

Techni WaterjetAerospace Alloys, Inc., CEO Chris Allinson, who is known for his 17 year expertise in the abrasive waterjet industry, has a unique talent for using waterjet technology to do the “impossible”. With his experience he has been able to find cutting solutions for problems that other cutting houses would back away from. Raised in the industry, Allinson carries on the tradition of the family owned business, which was acquired in 1989, by his father Robert Allinson, Sr. who has over 65 years’ experience in the industry, maintains an office at corporate headquarters, and continues to provide advice and counsel to the company.

Today, the Allinson Family is known for their ability to get even the most challenging jobs done for their clients. One of their missions is to provide clients with exceptional resources and education that helps them solve problems that they face in their own businesses.

It was therefore no surprise when Aerospace Alloys announced their partnership with Techni Waterjet in the spring of 2013, which promises to introduce technology that will dramatically reduce the company’s impact on the environment and carbon footprint.

“Using Techni Waterjet equipment, we use 60 percent less electricity, about 290,000 fewer gallons of water, and only 2 gallons of hydraulic oil versus the standard 55 gallons. The lifetime savings of vital resources means a dramatically reduced carbon footprint combined with even more dramatic cost savings.”

H20 Jet

H20 JetWith so many years of experience in the waterjet industry you get to experience the good, the bad and the ugly. As far as replacement parts we found the H2O Jet products improved our existing waterjet cutting systems and therefore wanted to become a partner with a company that shared similar values to our own. In the Spring of 2013 we partnered with H2O Jet to start providing the best replacement parts in the abrasive waterjet cutting industry.

New Window AquaJet

 Aquajet Cutting Technology is a division of Aerospace Alloys, Inc. (a UTC Supplier Gold Company) that was established in 1980 as the need to provide more value added services to our clients became a priority. We chose abrasive waterjet cutting as the technology of choice because it gave us the flexibility to be able to cut virtually any material.  Aquajet Cutting Technology has been servicing the abrasive waterjet cutting industry for over 20 years. Our partnership with Techni Waterjet, H2O Jet, Ebbco, and many other OEM’s gives us the versatility to support and supply all of your waterjet needs.