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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Turbine Blades

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Flashing is a concern in nearly any manufacturing process, and Aerospace Alloys, Inc. provides an efficient solution: our abrasive waterjet cutting capabilities are used to remove flashing from aerospace turbine engine blades constructed from 421 stainless steel. Using abrasive waterjet cutting as opposed to another material removal process has the benefit of no heat affected zone, which allows for greater ease of machining, and it does not distort the physical properties of the material.

The abrasive waterjet cutting process allows for a tolerance to ± .050”, and the individual blades that we work with measure 48” x 8”. We typically run this process on 3000 to 5000 pieces per year, adding speed and accuracy to typical flashing removal. We are pleased to provide service the Northeastern US. For more information on this service, please contact Aerospace Alloys.


Turbine Blades Project Highlights

Product Name
Blades - Land Based Turbine Engine Blades
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Abrasive waterjet  to cut flashing off of parts
Tightest Tolerance
Material Thickness
Product Length
Product Width
Product Height
2-4" Varied
Cutting Method
Abrasive waterjet cutting
Base Material
421 Stainless Steel
Special Feature
By using abrasive waterjet cutting there is no Heat Affected Zone which allows for ease of machining and it does not distort the properties of the material.
Industry for Use
Power Generation
3000-5000 a year
Delivery Location
Northeastern US
Drawing Type Accepted
.dwg and .dxf
Tooling Cost
Minimal - Performed in house and included in price per piece.

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